She’s Interested

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May 1, 2014

She’s Interested

she interested
  • TaskFresh Web Development, Server Maintenance with Complete Dedicated Support

She’s Interested

She’s Interested is general information delivering website regarding Foods and Recipes, Fashion, Design and Lifestyle. The main theme to design this website is to just bring a smile on female world as well as delivering services for all the internet world.

They provide articles on mouth-watering Recipes, Glamour and Fashion ideas to develop your lifestyle.
Along with all this content delivery they are just adding their piece of effort to deliver valuable content for a better lifestyle, And obviously they expect this loyal effort to be fruitful for you.'s Homepage’s Homepage

My Work Strategy:

Client Satisfaction

Website Development Progress

Structural Based Working

Conceptional Process with Structure

Implementing Professional Development

Responsive layout

Support and Customization

She’s Interested

Before start working on She’s Interested, a huge task of different major lakes of confidence. Any how grabbing the correct information and helpful hand by Aaliyan Mehmood (She’s Interested) regarding content selection and content modifying was easy to pick.

I chose some famous Sources to build this website.

  • WordPress
  • Structure Theme
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Some Useful Plugins
  • Backend Modifying
  • Remote Accessibility